HealthSmart Low Acid Coffee Ground - Regular

HealthSmart Low Acid Coffee Ground - Regular

Delicious HealthSmart coffee is healthier than any other coffee, cocoa, orange juice, beer, red wine, energy drink or tea regardless of color. HealthSmart is USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher, and a unique coffee which does not trigger heartburn.

HealthSmart is roasted in the U.S. at our Kosher Certified facilities, using our exclusive, proprietary roasting technique called TechnoRoasting™.  This process creates unadulterated coffees with the following characteristics:

  • Smooth tasting without the bitterness or harshness of other coffees.

  • You can drink multiple cups without heartburn or stomach upset.

  • Higher vitamin and mineral content as our process preserves many nutrients lost in other roasting techniques.

  • According to the USDA and U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Americans are lacking in 7 essential vitamins and minerals, and all are contained in HealthSmart Coffees.

  • Less ground coffee is needed to create the same coffee strength, as all the coffee solids are extracted during brewing.

  • Thus, on a per cup basis, HealthSmart is an excellent value. At full retail, HealthSmart coffee costs about 18¢ a cup.  This compares to the cost of most supermarket coffees costing 23¢ to over 80¢ per cent per cup. 


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