Better Than Organic?

What’s healthier than organic coffee?

HealthSMART Coffee!

HealthSMART is an extraordinary coffee, specifically developed for heartburn sufferers and the health-conscious market segment.


According to statistics 63% of all coffee drinkers suffer from heartburn in one way or another, whether or not they are sensitive enough to actually feel the discomfort.  We have neutralized these excess heartburn causing acids to the maximum extent possible, without sacrificing taste.  Our coffee will taste like the best gourmet coffee from South America.  We weren’t seeking to create a new taste in coffee.  We were seeking to make the healthiest coffee possible and in that respect, we succeeded.

Study after study states that the American diet is lacking in B-vitamins, certain minerals and dietary fiber.  Yet, no other coffee company is so dedicated, as to research and develop a methodology for roasting coffee to ensure that these valuable health benefits remain in the coffee.  It takes more time, effort and money to grow and roast our coffee our way than to use traditional roasting methods, but that’s why our coffee is so highly prized and specialized.  We take the time, exert the effort and spend the money that other, profit minded, roasters won’t do.

Coffee certified as organic must meet rigorous standards, and it ends there.  Organic coffee is just coffee produced without the aid of unnatural chemical substances. It is free of harmful pesticides and unnatural herbicides.

HealthSMART Coffee is the result of years of specially fertilizing the growing soil on our partner’s plantation.  Our own inspectors pick and ship only the best quality beans, of all the harvested coffee beans, to our Kosher certified roasting facility.  There, we take all the time necessary to roast HealthSMART Coffee to a medium roast degree using low heat and our proprietary TechnoRoasting™ process.  We avoid the high heat that creates Acrylamides, now known as a carcinogen and previously posted by notice, as required by the FDA, at establishments like Starbucks and Kraft, due to high Acrylamide levels.

HealthSMART Coffee contains only Arabica grade coffee beans, the highest quality, most expensive beans available.  You might have read that many of the big roasters, despite declaring on their label that the coffee is 100% Arabica, have been blending their coffee with lower grade Robusta coffee, without making the consumer aware, due to the constantly rising prices and limited supply of quality Arabica coffee beans.  No matter what others claim, HealthSMART delivers on its promises and representations.

These are tough economic times, but HealthSMART has an advantage over all other roasters regardless of their size. That advantage begins with full extraction of the coffee essence. Have you ever tasted the coffee grinds after you’ve brewed your coffee? You will find them to be extremely bitter.  When you taste our coffee grinds, they are tasteless.  This is due to the fact that our secret TechnoRoasting process extracts all of this coffee essence while neutralizing the bitterness. Only ½ tablespoon of HealthSMART coffee is needed per cup, when most coffees today recommend using two tablespoons or 1 rounded tablespoon per 6 ounce cup. We then pass most of these savings on to the consumer.

HealthSMART does not intend to sell our product into every store possible.  We carefully select our retailers and insure that the per cup cost to consumers is lower than any other gourmet coffee.  We know the value of money and we know that the economy isn’t thriving and growing rapidly.  Most consumers are used to buying coffee by the package and compare prices for the different brands without noticing how many cups each brand makes.  If you read the manufacturer’s directions or refer to the chart on this site, you can see the per cup cost comparison.  Think of it this way, you can buy three packages of Starbucks ® coffee or you can buy one package of HealthSMART Coffee, the per cup price is the same.  You can buy one third of the coffee and still yield the same number of six ounce cups!

Now for the best part… no other brewed coffee claims even one percent of any of the fourteen B-vitamins and minerals delivered in each brewed cup.  However, HealthSMART Coffee gives you between 4% and 22% of your Daily Value (DV) in each brewed cup.  Our TechnoRoasting process doesn’t destroy these valuable vitamins and minerals, it actually seals them in. Independent Laboratory has been shown that these vitamins and minerals are retained and released on brewing.

Researcher’s evaluations are based upon the coffee grinds, not what’s left over after hot water has dissolved the coffee and dissipated the minerals and the vitamins.  The higher the degree of roasting the lesser the remaining values of these vitamins and minerals.  All of the independent laboratory research on HealthSMART Coffee was conducted after brewing the coffee.  HealthSMART Coffee has only been tested for those vitamins and minerals that are listed in our Nutrition Facts Panel.  We know there are thousands of undeclared micro-nutrients in each cup of our coffee.  Only recently did we start declaring that each cup of our coffee has over 4% of the DV for dietary fiber and 15% DV for plant protein.

Our original 100% Colombian Arabica coffee was known as Gold Crown and now it is known as Healthsmart Coffee and is available from our sister company Healthwise Coffee. We have never advertised and yet we have grown consistently due to word of mouth. Other than our recent test marketing through retailers, you could only buy our coffee via the web, and our repeat order rate ranged from 30% to over 90%.

HealthSMART Coffee isn’t seeking to compete head-to-head with the giants of the industry.  We have been looking to solve coffee problems and we did.  Our newest coffee will change coffee drinking forever.  If you are going to drink coffee, why not drink a coffee that is healthier and better-for-you than any other coffee in the world.  HealthSmart coffee will soon be available in select chain stores as well as on the web.

Have you ever thought of what happens to that unsold coffee?  Most of it is reintroduced into batches of freshly roasted coffee.  At HealthSMART, we don’t take returns.  Our satisfaction guarantee is for your first order so that we take the risk out of trying our coffee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, we will refund the full purchase price and the shipping charges if you’ve ordered it through our web site.  You can then keep or discard the coffee because we won’t re-sell it again.

Pope John Paul II, the Bishops and Cardinals at the Vatican in Rome also suffer from heartburn and after years of drinking our coffee, gave us exclusive permission to use their name, logo and seals in connection with our marketing in the United States.

In the U.S. we approached one of the most knowledgeable and respected health enthusiasts, Suzanne Somers, who has recommended not to drink caffeinated coffee for the last 35 years.  She is a cancer survivor.  "By the way Healthsmart Coffee has been proven to help prevent certain cancers, I know it did for me"( Founder/ Healthsmart Coffee).  Suzanne, after almost two years of trial, and after a lot of research, changed her opinion and wrote a whole page about our coffee in her book “Sexy Forever” (Page 166) and then followed that by recommending in all her diet advice, start your meal with a cup of coffee.

Nestle’s first researched us through their U.S. Laboratory, Westreco's Ohio location and Westreco's Connecticut location, they even brought in eight professional coffee “cuppers”, at first, to disprove our claims, which they couldn’t, and then they had us test our technology on their coffee.  We could have sold our entire business when Nestle’s offered to buy us out.  We declined.

Our Investment Banking Firm brought McDonalds to meet with us and test our technology. All six of there executives chose Healthsmart Coffee over their coffee. This was before they opened their first McCafe, which we like to think we are responsible for, since at that time they considered coffee a necessity item. To make a long story short, they wanted us to produce a coffee for them or they wanted to License our technology. We declined because we couldn’t imagine making our technology work for them as the roast on and enormous scale and at high temperatures.

For nutritional information see our Health Benefits Page.

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