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FDA Approved TechnoRoasting is a unique, chemical free combination of our previously patented technology, together with our proprietary process, which seals-in essential minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fiber, plant protien, and micro-nutrients.
It simultaneously neutralizes the excess acid and bitterness, without sacrificing the taste.  no other coffee roasting  process accomplishes this. Acid is reduced to a 6.18 level which is over 39% lower than national brands.  The low acid content and no bitterness  yields a supreme unadulterated, quality coffee that is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

HealthSMART uses only USDA certified, Fair Trade, organic coffees.  We are currently introducing Organic Regular, and Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffees. Colombian Arabica Supremo grade and Espresso, will be introduced this Fall and all coffees will be available in numerous flavors.

Full Extraction

The TechnoRoasting process enables the coffee bean to surrender all of the coffee essence, leaving the grounds tasteless.  This results in using less coffee to yield more cups of coffee.  Six ounces of HealthSMART coffee yields more than 102 – 6 ounce cups of coffee compared to the 30 – 60 or 90 cups yield of most other brands.

For years, consumers have been misled by the advertising of so-called healthy drinks whereby during roasting the extreme heat that destroys pathogens and bacteria, unfortunately disipates the nutritional values over 1%.  HealthSMART’S roasting process takes more than 3 times the time needed to roast other coffees, combine that with the special attention paid to the growing soil and the fertilizers used and HealthSMART coffees deliver more of these nutrients than can be found in any competing coffee and it is healthier than any cocoa, red wine, or tea regardless of color.

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Each brewed mug contains between 4% and 22% of the DV for 12 vitamins and minerals and it is the most antioxidant rich coffee.

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