Healthsmart Coffee Mineral Rich Soil

HealthSMART Coffees Mineral Rich Soil

The quality and taste of coffee is heavily influenced by the soil in which it is grown.  HealthSMART Coffee grows in remineralized soil which produces a healthier cup of coffee. It took 5 years before we could harvest the first crop" after remineralized soil.

Most soils are deficient in one or more nutrients.  Poor soil leads to poor growth and plant stress.  Proper fertilization, through remineralization supplies plants, phosphorus, nitrogen and nutrients composed of organic matter (which is carbon-based).  These ingredients are required by all plants and trees and help develop sturdy root systems while stimulating growth.    In addition fertilizers applied at various intervals insure maximum and proper absorption by plants.

Remineralization also contributes to increased porosity, buffering of soil temperature, the retention of soil moisture, and better drainage. And, as any knowledgeable gardener can tell you, knowing a soils pH and nutrient levels is imperative.  HealthSMART Coffee fertilization techniques includes aluminum sulfate, as it reduces the pH of the soil. It has taken over 4 years to achieve the mineral rich soil in which we grow our beans.

Minerals are inherently rich in these Trace Elements which are essential for healthy growth of coffee and other crops. These include, iron, manganese, and zinc.  When used in a carefully controlled, proper balance, in addition to organic chelates, remineralization becomes a major source of micronutrients available in the soil.

Soil remineralization fosters soil fertility by returning minerals to the soil in an efficient manner. Normally this is a slow process the way the earth’s rock cycle works–by weathering of minerals from rocks.. During an ice age, glaciers crush rocks in their path, producing a fine rock “flour” that is carried by water and ice to form deposits at the end of the glacier.  Volcanoes erupt, spewing forth minerals from deep within the earth, and through weathering, these minerals are released into new soils. But minerals decrease in availability with age as they are leached from the soil, especially in warm regions with high rainfall (like South America where our beans are grown).

HealthSMART Coffee employs intelligent “Remineralization”. Soils benefit enormously as this methodology has been used with great success both in farming and in forest agriculture. Crops grown in remineralized soil are highly nutritional, pest resistant, far healthier and much tastier than “conventional” crops.

The fertilizer used by HealthSMART incorporating minerals, has been developed by soil scientists with skills in Chemistry, Botany and Nutrition.

Volcanic soils just don’t have most of the ingredients present in anything other than their elemental state, which is not readily assimilatable by humans.  In order for minerals to be readily metabolized, they first must be chelated.  The nutrient density of the soil directly influences the quality of the food grown in that soil.  Add that to the fact that from colloidal minerals highly bio-available ionic elements are easily obtained and you have the basis for making the healthiest coffee ever!

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