The Healthiest Coffee Ever

The Healthiest Coffee Ever

Through extensive testing, HealthSMART Coffee has developed an all natural TechnoRoasting™ process which seals-in and maximizes the high vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and dietary fiber contained in the coffee beans, while neutralizing all of the excess heartburn causing pH acid. TechnoRoasting also eliminates all of the bitterness in coffee so that it can be consumed black, without the use of creamers or sweeteners. Therefore, fats, calories and cholesterol can be eliminated from the diet.

Quotes from the 2012 book “Eat This, Not That!”                  

“Coffee is big business. So to make sure a product stands out on a crowded shelf, java manufacturers have created a new wave claims, such as “shade grown” and “100% Arabica Beans.” Some of these promises are meaningful, but plenty are meaningless and will only waste your money. To spot the difference and firmly establish yourself as a coffee connoisseur, See Below

The Claim: “100% Arabica Beans”: 

“Coffee beans come in two main varieties: arabica and robusta. Of the two, arabica beans deliver the most complex flavors, but because they’re more difficult to grow—i.e. more expensive—commercial roasters such as Folgers often fill out their blends with cheap robusta beans.”

HealthSMART coffees not only exclusively use Arabica but use specially fertilized high grade Arabica, USDA Certified “ORGANIC” coffees.

The Claim “Blend”:

“A blend is simply a mix of beans from at least two different regions, and a “morning blend” is whatever that particular roasters thought you might enjoy at the start of the day. In contrast with blends are the single-origin coffees, which are identified simply by their place of birth: Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, or whatever the case may be. Presumably the goal with blending is to create a better-tasting cup, but often that’s not the case. Some roasters blend to bury the mistakes of flawed beans, and many connoisseurs find the pure flavors of single-origin coffee more satisfying than blends. And get this: When Consumer Reports recently rated 37 popular blends from places such as Starbucks, Peets, Caribou, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, not one of them was considered good enough to earn the top scores of “excellent” or “very good.”

None of HealthSMART coffees are blends!  HealthSMART never takes returned coffee.  Other roasters mix about 10% of returned coffees in with their new roasts, or they just reship you returned coffee.

The Claim: “Organic”:

“Organic coffee, so long as it bears the official logo of the USDA, falls under the same governmental regulation as organic produce, which tells you that the coffee has been grown, transported, and roasted without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Unfortunately, no major studies have looked at how this affects your health.”

HealthSMART organic coffees are healthier than any organic coffee due to the extra care over and above USDA requirements, and due to its being roasted using the TechnoRoasting method.

The Claim: “Shade Grown”: 

“A common practice in coffee farming is to clear off the native trees to make room for more coffee trees, destroying natural biodiversity and creating monocultures that rely on pesticides and fertilizers to produce beans. So in theory, “shade grown” is supposed to tell you that a diverse ecosystem still thrives on the farm. The problem is that there’s no organization governing the term, which leaves it open to abuse by any farmer whose farm has a few lonely trees scattered about. “

The Claim: “Rainforest Alliance Certified”: 

“Rainforest Alliance Certified must meet a strict set of requirements that promote sustainable resource management and the preservation of healthy ecosystems. That means farms must be partially covered by native trees, farmers must make living wages, and farming methods must have a minimal impact on the natural environment. The only designation more meaningful than Rainforest Alliance Certification is the Bird Friendly stamp. Typical coffee farms drive out birds by removing the trees, so Bird Friendly coffees, like Rainforest Alliance Certfied beans, require a canopy of trees to remain over the farm, and Rainforest Alliance allows the use of some chemicals.” HealthSmart coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified.

HealthSMART Coffee, cares more about YOU and YOUR health.

The Claim: “Fair Trade Certified”:

“Much of the world’s coffee is grown in impoverished countries where farmers struggle to feed their families. The intent with fair trade certification is to lift these people out of destitution by encouraging coffee-bagging companies to pay them honest, living wages to ensure it meets the same regulations as all fair trade certified products worldwide.”

HealthSMART Organic coffees are USDA certified and Fair Trade.


  • Low Acid
  • Sealed-In B-Vitamins & Minerals
  • Contains all Essential Minerals
  • High Antioxidant Content
  • No Acrylamides (less than 10 part per billion)
  • High in dietary fiber
  • Sealed-In B-Vitamins & ESSENTIAL Minerals

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